Twittering in School

2013-10-07 15.59.31-1I am not a fan of handwriting copies, however I found that integrating social media into our handwriting copies made it a much more enjoyable task. Everyday students wrote a tweet (140 characters) in their handwriting copies.

Hashtags could be used but no text speech. Then once a week, students could pick their favourite tweet (from their own copy) and wipe their sign from the ‘Twitter Wall’. I should add the tweets were all about something we had learned in school, a piece of news or an event from school. The ‘Twitter Wall’ was not in the classroom so was available for passersby to read. Each week the top tweet (most favourited) on the wall was tweeted on the class Twitter account. Suddenly cursive writing in a hand writing copy had become fun and engaging.

#twitterwall @bnighrogain @rangbianca @gvetns

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