What did you do in school today? Nothing

I remember as a kid when my parents asked me what I had done in school that day I would mutter the phrase “nothing” (don’t think I am alone on this one).  I think it’s the question that’s the problem here not the kids. Below are a list of questions that might be useful for reflective teachers and parents.

  1. When were you most interested or curious today?
  2. Was there a time today when you were confused? What did you do?
  3. What is one thing that was hard to believe? Not confusing, but surprising?
  4. What would you like to know more about?
  5. Did you teach anyone anything today? What did you teach them?
  6. Is there anything we could have done to make today more interesting?
  7. When were you most creative today?
  8. Can yourself and your partner tell me one fun thing you learned, one useful thing you learned, and one extraordinary thing you learned today?
  9. What does a successful day at school look like to you? Feel like?
  10. Why do we go to school?
  11. Who worked harder today, the teacher or the students?
  12. How else could you have learned what the teacher taught?
  13. What was the most important thing you learned today?
  14. What was the least important thing you learned today?
  15. Did you take any chances today, how did it end up?
  16. Name one thing you learned from a book?
  17. Name one thing you learned from a friend?
  18. Name one thing you learned from a member of staff?
  19. What still confuses you?
  20. What is something you say or heard that stuck with you for some reason?
  21. Based on what you learned today in ______ class, what do you think you’ll learn tomorrow?
  22. As a group tell me three facts, two opinions, and one idea you heard today.
  23. What should you do with what you’ve learned?
  24. When did you surprise yourself today?
  25. If you were the teacher today is there anything you would have done differently?
  26. Can you remember a question that was asked today? What was the answer?
  27. What o you think you might learn tomorrow / this week?

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